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09-30-2004, 01:58 PM
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Flex Cap - Go Coyotes solution with a new title and some modifications

Finally the right name for the right solution - FLEX CAP

Gary Bettman needs a Cap to save his job. Bob Goodenow doesn't want a rigid cap or a cap that encourages player turnover or a rigid salary structure or his job will be lost.

Fans want to cheer for their favourite players without fear of losing them each year ala the NFL so the only solution that will work is the FLEX CAP SYSTEM!

32 million flex cap with % discounts for players that remain with a team for 3 years or longer up to a maximum discount of 75% of cap. I.E. Sundin earns app. 10 million but only 75% of his salary (app. 7.5 million) would count towards the cap the same amount as say Steve Yzerman with 20 years played for the same team and similar salary.

The cap is not rigid but allows for some flexibility and a reward system for players, management and fans.

Players would work harder every night if they new their future ability to stick with a team and make more money was at stake.

Fans would continue to enjoy their favourite players as teams would be advantaged and rewarded for good drafting and development of players.

Management would take a huge step toward almost cost certainty and Bob Goodenow would lose 2 of his 3 arguements for being agaisnt a cap system.

Hopefully, free agency would be reduced. Free agency IMO was the worst thing to ever happen from a fans perspective in pro sports.

WIN WIN system so let's get on with it already.

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