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09-30-2004, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by eye
32 million flex cap with % discounts for players that remain with a team for 3 years or longer up to a maximum discount of 75% of cap. I.E. Sundin earns app. 10 million but only 75% of his salary (app. 7.5 million) would count towards the cap the same amount as say Steve Yzerman with 20 years played for the same team and similar salary.
I assume you mean the reverse actually, that Sundin's salary of $10 million would receive a 75% discount, and only $2.5 million would count towards the cap.

Call it whatever you like, Flex Cap, I call it a Homegrown Cap.

I'm personally not crazy about the percentages though. Not the exact percentages, but in general I like a more simple proposal I originally sought out. $32 million cap, players who play their first NHL game with that team are exempt from that cap, as are players who have played a number of years with the same team, a franchise player exemption.

I don't see the value much in saying that if you have had one guy for 4 years and another guy for 5 years that the guy you've had 5 years deserves a cut in the cap more than the guy who you have had 4 years. I personally would suggest an 8 year franchise player exemption.

To each their own, if they took your idea instead of mine I would not be upset by it.

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