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05-18-2009, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by The Pucks View Post
One big differance that you fail to understand. Carter was signed whne the NHL was on a financial upswing and GM's felt that the cap would never go down.

Now these two are up for RFA, but the NHL is now in a downswing revenue wise so the cap is expected to drop. That will effect every negotiation this summer.
I took that into account. If the league was still on the financial upswing they would likely be pushing for $5.00m-$5.50m for next season based on Carter's numbers a year ago. They also performed better than Carter in the final season of his contract if you didn't notice.

Since there is an economic downturn rumors surfaced and people feel that the financial factor of all this could effect contracts I expect $4.50m-$5.00m. Just because the economy is bad doesn't mean that they're going to only ask for $3.00m a piece.

You fail to understand a lot of things, and just seem intent on following me trying to refute everything I say. Most of what I say is opinion, and while you're entitled to your opinions I would appreciate if you STOPPED ****ING STALKING ME like a creepy ****ing lunatic.

To think that Krejci and Kessel, who clearly had better seasons than Carter when he got his new contract, are going to take a drastic paycut just because of the economic times is dumb. The Bruins will find some way to get them both under the cap even if they have to do what the Flyers did with Carter and sign them to decent deals until their last year of RFA status and then give them a real contract. That costs them money in the long run but saves them money short term and protects them against fluke seasons.

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