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05-18-2009, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Kurrilino View Post
I' really excited to see that.
As soon as any Team what ends in the top 10 standings offers 6 Mill per year, they are screwed.
Just for an dirty example...... The Kings offer 6 mill for Kessel just because they can to force Boston to match that.
After that it's enough to offer 4-5 Million to get Krejci out.
If i assume they draft MPS they recieve a 1b Center and a 1b Left Wing for the cost of two 1st rounders ans some other stuff.

like i said, just an example for the guys who are sure it's so easy to fit both of them without giving up something
The Bruins have pieces they can move. I bet a lot of teams are willing to take a risk on Bergeron that he finds his offensive game once again. Why would the Bruins' wait on Bergeron when the have Krejci and Kessel?

To me Bergeron seems the most likely candidate to get the boot. Ryder, Sturm? Maybe some defensive players?

Boston has options, but with Savard only being under contract one more season, if Boston can get through this next year with both Krejci and Kessel they could have those two along with Wheeler and Lucic locked up long term with other pieces that end up staying in Boston.

It's not all gloom and doom in Boston because of two RFAs. The organization just has to decide what direction it wants to go in. It's almost the same problem Philadelphia will face in two years: so much talent that they won't know who to hold on to. While some players will move on, it seems like a win-win unless you screw it up royally.

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