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Originally Posted by leek View Post
It was filed with the court by the League as a part of the case.

If we read the email:

I think it shows a number of things:

Bettman discussed that Moyes did not have the right to discuss moving the team with anyone, and his attorney Scudder said that he understood that. Additionally, it shows Bettman was keeping Moyes up to date on the Reinsdorf situation. Anyone who claims Bettman is taking out any anti-Canadian anger needs to read the e-mail; Upon reading the email, it demonstrates that in my opinion, Moyes was clearly involved in a conspiracy with Balsillie.
This email looks like it's a pre-emptive strike because he knew Balsillie was circling. Why would he mention Winnipeg when Vegas and Kansas City have been mentioned so many times? He knows that if anyone is going to put a team in Southern Ontario it will be Balsillie and that there would be a very real likelihood of the courts being involved so this document could make it look like Winnipeg is an option. Besides that, how many other emails regarding this sale went between he and Daly that he doesn't want us to know about?

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