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05-18-2009, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by joeydzzle View Post
Yeah... but i was thinking that if i get my skates profiled so that its flatter with less of a curve making them more stable. This should make me more comfortable stopping, skating, pivoting.

It's wierd because i can hockey stop so-so with my equipment off (i still have to think about it, its not second nature like with my other skates) but when i put it on, i feel like my skates are just gunna slip out from under me. I have off thursday so i'm planning on putting my equipment on and just practicing skating at my local rink for hours. if i don't get it by then i'm going to get them profiled.
you dont want to get comfortable doing it a way that may not be the right way. it will help you in the long haul to get used to doing it with the way your skates are profiled now. you have to dig in deeper

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