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05-19-2009, 03:52 AM
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Gunnar is dead right.

No one learns to skate on custom rockered skates with a carefully calculated radius.

Get your skates cut at 1/2 like many have said (not to sharp but more than sharp enough), forget about the rocker, and work on your technique.

It's natural for things to seem uncomfortable at first and there isn't anything wrong with that. Don't look to your equipment to correct the problems with your technique. Learn the correct technique and you'll be able to carve up the ice regardless of what pair of skates, what rocker, or what radius.

Rockering is something you worry about to tweak your skating and get that extra bit out of your performance. Not something you use to cover up for poor technique.

Keep at it. Take power skating. Practice practice practice. You'll be comfortable in no time.

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