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05-19-2009, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
I'm glad you like it.

If a team(cough,cough the Oilers or Montreal)can't attract a top free agent and they decided to trade for Gomez or Briere,they would in a sense be acquiring a free agent contract and dumping their bad contract(s)in the process.

In this economy,the real money is the actual remaining monetary value on the contract.

If you can't see that
I can't disagree more with that statement above!!! and if you can't see that then...

Edmonton and NY are both among the top 7 revenue earners in the NHL... neither team has to worry about the economy because as bad as the economy is, both teams are still making tons of money. All Canadian teams do in general, despite the hit in the economy. The top 7 league wide earners are the 6 Canadian teams and the Rangers.

Why would such teams care about how much they have to pay their players?? Both of these teams can sustain a payroll significantly higher than the current salary cap!

What matters to both teams is the cap hit. As a Rangers fan, how you can't see that is beyond me!

For low-market teams the actual $$ make a huge difference... and a player with lower salary than his actual cap hit can be a more attractive player to such teams... Edmonton is not such a team, and neither is NY.... for these teams it's ALL about the cap hit. They will make money regardless and have the money to pay them their salaries... what they don't have, regardless of how much money they make, is unlimited room under a salary cap.

again, if you can't see that................

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