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05-20-2009, 02:37 AM
Marlowe Syn
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You know I've never understood the whole "rights to sign" a player. I'm sure I am oversimplifying the process, but I would think an UFA player would know generally what it would cost to play for a certain franchise, and I would hope that they would be able to communicate that to the GM shopping for him. I'm sure the agents muck things up, the real world equivilant of the scum bag lawyers. If you need a couple of weeks uninterrupted time to negotiate with a player than I would look seriously at the skills of my GM to sign any player, and the role the agents play in this post-CBA NHL. To me the willingness to give up a draft pick to have an opportunity to get a FA speaks volumes to me as a player on the quality of a franchise. I mean Columbus potentially gave up a 3rd for the negotiation rights to Ryan Malone(who is not an elite player by any means), and they still didn't land him last year. And I know that CLB did not lose their 3rd, but still... To me it is opening the bargaining process from a position of weakness. This has become a stupid bargaining chip, and while I respect JM, his best hockey years are behind him and I wouldn't give a toss for his exclusive rights. I don't mean to sound harsh to the OP for the scenario. I'm just more harsh on the entire free agency trend I'm seeing. So essentially this is a 2nd and 5th for a mid/low 2nd from NJ. Pass. And like I said I'm not bashing you, Devils13, I'm bashing the system that has been created. Here endeth my rant.

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