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05-20-2009, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
So I recently started playing defense for my ice hockey team because we needed some, I volunteered as I've played defense in open hockey but not more than a game or 2 in real games. Our team is horrible (1-6) and only got our first win last night. Thing is we won 7-6, but we gave up 3 goals in a span of 10 minutes from the first period and into the 2nd, and they were all my fault.

Any tips for defense other than the basics? I try to always force them to the outside, keep clear of screening the goalie, and will always play the body if they try to cut to the inside. I also always go hard to the boards and I know I did a good job keeping my head up for the breakout pass because my team kept commenting on it.

Also, any tips on learning how to stop when you're skating backwards?

You have to develop the ability to read the play and that only comes from experience. Remember, make the puck handler make the first move (from the Mighty Ducks movie but it is very true). Also, don't get caught pinching in a rush and be aware of your fellow defenseman at all times. If you can't work together with him, you'll both fail.

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