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05-20-2009, 02:54 PM
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Iím with the CSKA.
May 20, 2009.

Thanks to everybody who read my blog these last two years. Basically, I didnít manage to conquer the NHL, but I donít feel Iíve wasted that time. Iíve had a good experience, drew some conclusions, and understood what North America is about. And despite it being so brief, I did play for the Ottawa Senators and the Phoenix Coyotes.

But now it was time to return to Russia. I donít think I started playing worse during these two years. Quite the opposite, I believe Iíve raised my level. Even playing in the AHL was a good learning experience. Iíve learned how to prepare for games, how to prepare for a season. Improved my English, obviously. A lot more pros than cons. Iím not giving up on making the NHL, but I wonít go to the AHL anymore, of course.

Iíve accepted CSKAís offer and am very anxiously awaiting the start of the season. The previous season turned out jumbled, I played very little, and so I have tons of energy. Iíll definitely help out the CSKA. Iím glad to be back with my original team. Sure the coaching and the managing staff is all new, but I think the CSKA traditions will remain. It would be very cool if I could play with my old partners Denis Parshin and Sergei Shirokov.

I kept an eye on the comments you wrote. Most people supported me and those words meant a lot. You were asking me to return, so Iíve returned. Iíll think about how to continue contributing to the site this coming season. I would very much like this blog to go on, though now I would be telling you about the KHL. Iím sure you would enjoy the new format.

And Iíll be looking for you at CSKAís games this season. The team hasnít won any trophies yet, so Iím hoping to break from that tradition. See you later this summer. The team will be getting together mid-July, but Iíll start preparing much earlier. I really want to be in ideal condition for the first games, making the fans happy.

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