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05-21-2009, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by ilovetheflyers8 View Post
Well I was thinking in the $40-50 range as I know skates aren't going to be $20 (though that would be awesome) but I did a quick look around online and didn't see anything at that price. I guess even up to $60 would be okay. - Really any suggestions you have even if they are more than what I said would be helpful though. I need to get a job .

edit: I'm probably being naive about finding skates for $40-50
You may want to check out a Play-It-Again sports store if you have one where you are. They deal in new gear but also buy and trade used gear.

You may be able to get a $150 used for $60 or something. Maybe a $100 skate for $40 etc.

Anyway ... there's no shame in buying used gear.

Check the store locations link on their website and see. If you wear a large men's size like 12 or 13 you will probably be out of luck because they are rarely traded in. usually the medium sizes prevail on their shelves.

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