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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Son of a ****, ok let's make this clear one last time, Thomas Plekanec is not in Jordan Staal's league, in fact, he couldn't even hold his jockstrap, as overall hockey players.
See what I mean when I say Jordan Staal is overhyped?

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
You're comparing a 26 year old center who got carried on a line with 2 1st line players, including the comeback of the player
I think we've been over why this hasn't happened and how, in fact, if any single player was doing any carrying, it was Plekanec.

Kovalev's super year was mostly on the power play. At even-strength, he was pretty much bang on where he was this year.

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
How the heck can you even think about Staal having a fluke year at his age right now? He had 29 goals as an 18 year old player in a defensive role!
Shooting percentage. It's a very rare player who shoots 22% his entire career. It's typical of fluke goal-scoring season to have an inordinately high shooting percentage, only to revert back to norm next year. Jason Blake's 40 goal season being a textbook example.

Heck, Staal had never even scored 29 goals in junior.

Predictably, Staal hasn't shot this high a percentage ever since (and had a fluke down year last year, if anything) and probably never will. He may very well hit 30 someday but it will most likely be using the old-fashioned Ovechkin method -- he'll get to shoot more.

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Put him in Plekanec's spot NEXT YEAR and he has 70 points minimum.
He's given no indication whatsoever that this could happen on such short a term, so I don't see what you base this on except hype. He'd need to get a lot more productive on the PP to hit 70 anyway, and that usually comes with age.

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
He's already a better center then anything we got or will have in the system, and brings everything we lack.
He's not as good as, at least, Koivu and Lang now. This may change in the future, and he might develop into a first-line center down the line, but right now, he is not.

This post is a prime example of why I would approach a Staal trade with extreme caution. His upside is great, but his immediate impact is severely overrated.

And I shudder at the idea trading the farm for a 21-year old on whom will be placed unreasonable expectations that he won't meet and the firestorm that will result in a town like Montreal.

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