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05-21-2009, 06:34 PM
What's the Pred say?
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Originally Posted by skipper49 View Post
yeah, let Zanon walk, let Ellis walk, bring up some more light-weight, inexperienced prospects, even better buy some, give them enough ice time in the first half of the season to bury the Preds in the standings then play playoff hockey for the last two months in order to not make the playoffs again, oh yes, then trade Rinne and give Chet Pickard the #1 position....sounds like something the Preds would do...Yup!
What an asinine post. Zanon is a role playing third pairing defenseman, and letting him walk in favor of a more cost-effective veteran, or a younger, more talented prospect who could benefit from NHL ice time will only help the organization.

Furthermore, Ellis isn't a free agent, so we won't be "letting him walk." If he leaves, it is the result of a trade that, I would suspect, gives us an offensive threat in return. Plus the entire organization has been high on Rinne since the end of the lockout, so they're not going to up and trade him now that he's finally taking up the mantle of starting goaltender as the club has been waiting for him to do.

I can't help but think that you've wandered into the wrong forum. Perhaps you meant to go to Tampa Bay or Toronto?

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