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05-21-2009, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post

I will trust Timmins before I trust Mr. Higgins-isnt-in-the-habs-plans-anymore...

Firstly, NOBODY ever said Maxwell is the answer. So far as I can tell, I'm the only one who mentioned Maxwell, and it was in a secondary role to Staal in a transition period with Koivu and Lang.

Secondly, Maxwell is in HIS ROOKIE SEASON IN THE AHL. He's friggin 20-21 years old. YOU'RE out to lunch if you think you can predict what Maxwell will look like after some development.

Give your head a shake. Did you watch Maxwell only in the few games he had with the Habs? Because your pseudo-knowledge about him seems pretty thin.
Geez something is wrong here 'cause I again agree with you.

People should realize that Maxwell was pretty unlucky in the past years and often was hurt. And despite all of that, it was an absolutely impressive rookie season in the AHL. Okay he wasn't stellar in his first stint. But since when, again, is it about who impresses first wins? Why does people keep saying that? Surely Maxwell needs to be stronger. That can be fixed. But his overall hockey sense is there. His upside is still there and he obviously hasn't reached his ceiling yet.

I've been wrong a thousand times before, but I have a whole lot of confidence in Maxwell. Will he be the answer and the saviour? No and that's fine like that. Enough of those saviours who are suppose to do everything by themselves. He'll fit right in in a system that he'll learn and be fine like that. Like a rookie who'll learn but who is still a damn good hockey player.

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