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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
Yeah I believe that's how it works (keep in mind my earlier comments about being stupid when it comes to economics). 2/3rds of the remaining salary over twice the remaining years is my understanding of what counts against the cap.
Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
As an example, Darcy Tucker was owed $9M over the remaining three years of his deal. The Leafs bought him out at 2/3rds, $6M, which will be paid out over twice the length of the remaining years, six years. So their cap hit for buying out Tucker is $1M for 6 years.

This is correct. We could buy out Briere right now for a cap hit of roughly 1.9 mil for the next 12 years.

These are the B/O's for the remainder of Briere's contract

season ending - B/O amount - # of yrs of B/O
09 - 1.89 mil - 12 yrs
10 - 1.73 mil - 10 yrs
11 - 1.58 mil - 8 yrs
12 - 1.33 mil - 6 yrs
13 - 0.83 mil - 4 yrs
14 - 0.67 mil - 2 yrs

Ok, I just saw what others posted. This is what we PAY the player, not what our cap hit would be for him. I though it was different than what we owed the player but others were telling me I was wrong before. I guess I should have stuck to my guns

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