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05-21-2009, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
They actually average more on the road than they do at home. Their home attendance is mid-pack, but was at 100% capacity. When you spend a lot of money though, you stand to lose more.

It goes back to the 'what was the lockout for again?' idea. You still have teams who can't keep up. I never bought their argument then, and I don't now. The big markets dealt with it, they still have the deep pockets. I said back then if the Nashville's and Phoenix's of the league, then dump them. The league was doing just fine growing as a league when they were in Hartford, Winnipeg and Quebec City.
I personally think the whole "NHL in South" adventure was moronic in the beginning and its continuation is moronic. Dallas is the only borderline success story.

TB = Fail, total lack of fan interest
FLA = Fail, hasn't helped that the team has been bad most of the time, but still...
ATL = Fail, see FLA.
PHX = Losing 30 mill a year and last year, they were in the playoff hunt. Fail.
ANA = Very bandwagon, low attendance figures, borderline fail.
LA = See Anaheim.
SJ = Ices a President's Trophy winner and still loses money. Fail.
Nashville = Only reason they turned a profit this year was revenue sharing.

Those 8 franchises are just murdering the league. I know some of them have been bad, but a losing franchise in a place like Hamilton probably stays around even.

A losing franchise in Phoenix loses 30 million per year.

Plus, the NHL is all about rivalries. And to be frank, rivalries with Southern teams just suck. There's none of the notoriety, none of the intensity. Games against a team like FLA just become fairly mundane, no tension on the ice, no excitement.

The NHL needs to get back to its roots. Cut the league down and promote a lot more cross-conference play. Why can't we play the Wings 2 or 3 times? Why can't we play St. Louis 2 or 3 times? Why can't we play Colorado 3 or 4 times?

The NBA, for all its faults, has this down perfectly. There's a lot of cross-conference play, but games like Mavs-Spurs or Celtics-Lakers are still pretty heated.

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