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05-22-2009, 01:17 PM
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The NHL draft is a crapshoot. It's darned near impossible to look at a 17/18 year old kid and figure that he's bound for the NHL. Sometimes, there are can't miss things (and some of those miss) and sometimes teams pull out a gem.

Pointing out that the Red Wings have been excellent in finding young talent is factual, but they're also the exception to the norm. Especially, if the argument is that the Flyers stink at it.

There are 28 other teams that also have issues. And the Wings don't hit a home run on every pick, either.

They do have an uncanny knack for finding players that fit well within their system, and they have enough NHL talent that they don't feel the need to rush them into service, or put any undue pressure on them.

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