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05-22-2009, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Bitterman View Post
My understanding is that the supposed Reinsdorf offer has remained hidden from the court and the public so the question is, did the NHL give Reinsdorf an escape clause to move the team should the losses continue? I've heard he was given an escape clause after 2 years but that's just rumor but the only way the NHL could really make that happen would be for the team to go into Bankruptcy anyway, if only to get out from under the lease agreement.
That's part of the problem. All details on the Reinsdorf offer are speculation including the price and terms.

Even if the NHL gives the prospective buyer a relocation clause, the City of Glendale remains a hurdle there. I can see them given lease concessions to make the team profitable in Glendale, but just cannot see them give up the relocation penalty.

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