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Originally Posted by <Mr Jiggyfly> View Post
Ya, you truly have to love the game to make a rink... the work can be brutal. Especially the midnight floodings when it is like -2 F outside and you are standing there spraying water... and God forbid you left the hose outside...

Im from Pittsburgh and it is kind of unusual to see a backyard rink there... I always had people stopping to look at it... one time my neighbor's car caught on fire and when the fireman came to put out the fire, more of them were coming down to look at my rink than fight the fire... it was funny ****.

I was able to have a rink from New Years to about the end of February... but like you said the warm spells and rain would wreck havoc on my rink... one time I tried to cover my rink before it rained and the tarp froze to the rink... yet another lesson learned.

By the time I made my last rink in '05, I was pretty much a pro... I knew my deviations and exactly how high to make my low side borders so the rink would flood evenly, how to make the ice smooth as glass, how to perfectly fill blowout holes, etc etc.

I met my g/f that year and now live up in Canada during the Winter, so I haven't made a rink in 4 years... but with all of the free outdoor rinks up here, I play almost everyday from Dec-March.

When I used to build my own rink, my favorite time was skating by myself, just the sounds of my blades hitting the ice and catching the snowflakes with my tongue... no feeling like that in the world.
Oh boyyyy ... the dreaded tarp mistake. I tried the same thing you did but did not leave it on long enough to freeze to it. I did however have very uneven wrinkles and raised spots from the tarp trapping in heat and ruining a huge section of ice which had to be remade and repaired.

I can imagine how upset you must have been with the tarp being frozen to the rink!!!

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