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Originally Posted by LarryO View Post
I have to disagree. First, Superfeet are not for everyone. They might help a lot of people but some feet are just not compatible with them. I gave them a good try in my RBK skates and in my shoes, trying different sizes to try to fit to my low forward arches. After a few weeks of skating with them I started having knee pain. The knee pain went away when I went back to the stock insoles. A second try with Superfeet brought the knee pain back, and going back to stock insoles stopped it so it was no coincidence.

The reason skates come with thin insoles is that the footbed underneath it is shaped for certain footshape. That is one reason why different brands and models of skates fit better on some people than on others. The low arch of the RBK footbed fits my foot better than Superfeet and other insoles that I have tried. Superfeet are worth trying but they are not guaranteed to be preferable than the stock insole for everyone.
Interesting I had the same knee pain issue wearing the Shockdoctor skate inserts. I am not using any at the moment and also went back to the footbed that came with the skate and like yourself no longer have any knee pain.

Strange how these things can happen that you would think would not be that big a deal.

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