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Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
Lately there have been a lot of proposals involving LA. And almost all of them proposed by fans of other teams seem to be totally out of sync with what LA would move or would take. So I decided to make a cheat sheet for the other proposers and save everyones' time.

LA is attempting to come out of a rebuild. We are deep in picks, prospects and cap space. We want quality NHL players back that are in their 20s. We also like our talented players to be tough like Kovalchuk who is not a pushover. They don't have to throw down but they should be able to give a body check and take a check too. No hoverers.

Keep in mind that the Kings are young and loaded with talent everywhere but left wing. Even if we stay pat, we stand to improve greatly so we can afford to do no deals in terms of a trade rather than make a bad deal that makes no sense.

Here's what LA needs: (All players in their 20s)

1) First line - Left Wing

2) A dynamic first line scorer (creates plays from little and makes plays, scoring at a point a game or more) that is not a Right Wing (players that can play either wing are acceptable if they are a top 20 wing in this league, from Gagne to Zetterberg to Hossa to Gaborik, like that caliber, not necessarily exactly those players)...and by first line, I don't mean a guy that is on your first line. I mean a guy who would could be on any team's first line.

3) A veteran star two-way defenseman to possibly mentor our young defense corps and the uber amount of D prospects we already have...this player can be in his 30s depending on his caliber

4) Any real upgrade player at any position, especially for prospects/picks back, if that player is in the correct age range.

5) Unloading Tom Preissing's contract

6) This one is my personal opinion but I feel we need a quality 3rd line winger to cause mismatches in the playoffs and play on the Handzus/Simmonds line, again preferrably a LW but a RW will do in a pinch...would like a tough, smart veteran who can score a bit

7) And of course, this being HF boards, we will take your young stud players too like Schenn and Lucic but I doubt anyone's offering

Here's what LA doesn't need:

1) Your puck-moving defenseman or anyone named Tomas Kaberle

2) Your prospects, and even some of the Kings fans are goofing on this, asking for Van Riemsdyk

3) Your first rounder from this year that is a worse pick than our #5 overall...there is an excellent LW player that projects to be available at that pick named Magnus Paajarvi-Svenssen so if what you're offering isn't an upgrade of him at LW or even Center, forget it.

4) We are not one player away from The Cup so we do not need your veteran rentals.

Here's what LA has to offer:

1) Any pick from this year or next

2) Quality prospects at Defense

3) Quality prospects at Center

4) Quality prospects at Goaltending

5) Quality prospects at Right Wing

6) More cap space than God...ok, not really, but more cap space than 90% of the teams out there

7) Possibly Jack Johnson but not as a dump

Here's what LA won't trade: (Obviously everyone is available for a top 5-ish young player in the league such as Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Toews, etc. But I doubt those guys are being rushed to the trading block by their fans. )

1) Anything in their needs, duh...this includes our best LW Alexander Frolov, unless the deal returns an even better NHLer LW or two good NHL LWs that aren't as good as Frolov that fill two roster slots well

2) Dustin Brown - he is our captain and his attitude is the one our team is being built around

3) Drew Doughty - I'm not going to bother explaining this as just about everyone understands this

4) Any quality roster player where we aren't getting a better player at the same position in return that is in the age range mentioned above, or is a significant player that is a bigger need like LW. Quality players not mentioned already include: Handzus, Williams, Kopitar, Quincey, Greene, Simmonds, Stoll, Quick and Ersberg. These players have some value to the current building process and will not be dumped unless for an upgrade.

Thank you and perhaps other Kings fans can chip in and help refine this list as I don't speak for everyone.

Unlike the fans of many other teams on this board, there are no real untouchables, except maybe Brown and Doughty, on this team because this team was only good enough to miss the playoffs and get the #5th overall pick. We have no untouchable prospects despite the quality. So feel free to propose deals but if they don't fill the Kings needs while having the Kings give something that makes sense, well, flame on.

- R
So i take from reading this you guys won't be making any trades in the near future.

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