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05-23-2009, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by gc View Post
Is this actually true? When I think about it, I'm pretty sure my bottom hand is doing most of the moving when I stick handle. Is this maybe why my dangling is so bad after playing hockey my whole life?

How do you correct this? You guys are actually using your bottom hand like a fulcrum while your top hand moves the puck hand around? Wouldn't that require ALOT more top hand strength? I do the opposite.
Yes that is true ... I still am not a fancy puck dribbler as some people just aren't even in the pros some guys are not as good as others at stick handling.

Your knob hand does almost all the work in any case while stick handling.

I am not sure what you could do other than focus on not using your bottom hand so much and just have it there as a limp guide and do almost all of the work with the knob hand.

Too bad there isn't a way to sew a loop to your bottom hand glove or something and having your stick go through the loop to guide the stick for you while NOT holding it in your palm of your bottom hand.

But since that isn't practical just concentrate on not using your bottom hand to do the work and use the knob hand instead. Your bottom hand really doesn't do much other than aim your shot by making a fulcrum. It probably gets used the most doing things like redirect passing and slapshots since the bottom hand does a lot to power a slapshot and aim redirected passes. That is one thing I do exceptionally well which is to shoot slapshots and know what I am talking about with that aspect of the whole arms in relation to shooting business.

I guess if someone had a fractured or sprained bottom hand wrist they would still be able to stick handle is my point but not shoot slapshots or do the more complex things like redirect passes, not touch passes but full redirect like in give and go passing.

There is a science to it and these guys here have explained well enough in this thread. Good luck in any case with it.

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