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05-23-2009, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by bohlmeister View Post
My only argument is that when you grab a mini stick, which hand do you use. I use my dominant hand, which is my right. If I use my left it is like throwing with my left or writing with my left, pretty much useless. I understand that I may be an exception, but why is hockey opposite of golf and baseball? You should use your stronger hand in the inside to push through with the bat/club/stick, shouldn't you?
Because you need control on the top hand in hockey.

There are benefits to shooting both ways, but for generations the default was to shoot dominant on top, and that's still the most popular way. About 70 percent of the NHL shoots dominant hand on top.

I shoot dominant on bottom. It's different for every person. I grew up playing baseball, so I was used to that. But kids who take up hockey first usually wind up shooting left.

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