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05-23-2009, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by bohlmeister View Post
I understand that it is more common, but why is it any better? The only advantage I can see is that dominant hand on top lets you defend better, when using one hand on your stick. So if you are a defenseman I can see it being an advantage. But your slap shot and wrist shot should be harder if you have your dominant hand on the bottom because you are pushing through the puck with your more powerful hand.

Also I don't have to switch my stick around to take face-offs. Having more power lower to the ice gives you a huge advantage in the face off dot.
It's been covered in depth in many threads.

Basically, it puts the dominant eye in a position to look out over the ice more, helping you keep your head up and see passes.
Also, there's the big benefit in stick control that has been addressed in this thread. You have more control over your stick, that helps in stickhandling, dekeing and such. Better vision and puck control.

Yes, shooting dominant hand on bottom does tend to help your shot. It gives you more power, ect. It also puts your dominant eye on top of the puck, giving you better aim.

You can see the trend if you look at players who shoot dominant hand on top or bottom. Gretzky- top. Mario- bottom. Bossy- bottom. Crosby- top. Ovechkin- bottom. Savard- top. Thornton- top.

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