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05-23-2009, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by JXC View Post
Every year, teams try new motivators. Do they ever really succeed?
Yes. Three of the four teams in the Conference Finals showed improvements on the ice after coaching changes this season. The Pens and canes were both in serious danger of missing the playoffs but made incredible turnarounds following coaching changes.

No, I say that many people here have such hatred for John Stevens that any name, ANY NAME, that pops up as available is seen as a potential Godsend. Then I point out those coaches' records and the haters go scurrying for Old Reliable : "He got results with a mediocre roster!!!". As if there's anyone on this site who could give you chapter and verse on the Minnesota Wild's blueline corps.

A few months back, there were fellas here saying Nolan > Stevens because Nolan almost took the Isles to a playoff berth one year.

"AHL roster," they said, "And he had them competing!"

It's surreal.
How do you measure coaching success if you don't admire the fact that they propelled a team to beat their expectations?

I like Ted Nolan. I think he's one of the few guys without an NHL job that could be a good coach for this team. There's certainly a stigma attached to him, though; he obviously has problems with management that makes him a risky hire.

"Rightfully so" is in the eyes of the beholder.

Remember when Otttawa fired Paddock and everyone here said: "We should do that too!"

How'd it work out for Ottawa? I wonder what their record is since they brought in new motivation.

That Ottawa failed to have the same success under Hartsburg doesn't mean firing Paddock was the wrong decision. Hartsburg was a poor choice from the beginning; he's struggled at the NHL level with each opportunity he's been given.

Ottawa played much better after they brought in Clouston.

Dig touched on another point here, as well. Coaches are fired after failing to meet expectations because teams can't replace an entire roster but they can replace one coach. Paddock mishandled the Emery drama and it sent a ripple through the locker room. Obviously the Sens' management didn't think they could recover, so they removed both principles.

I agree. Fans oftentimes lambast coaches because they are fearful of confronting realities about their favorite players.
Fans always pick on coaches because they're an easy target. Fans aren't always incorrect in their displeasure, though.

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