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05-24-2009, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by SabresKings2611 View Post
Ouch. How exactly did you get injured?
Well, without going into specifics, a guy shot a puck in my face purposefully while I laid on the ice after passing the puck out on my knees. I remembered the number, saw him skating with his head down, and at the last second, he stuck his knee out. **** happens. He **** talked me after he shot the puck at me, and he **** talked me after I laid him out.

I guess it's easier to explain the specifics though. I was on my knees and passed the puck out. team mate shot it back in, I reached and grabbed it while still on my knees. I passed it back out and it got intercepted. Instead of turning around, the guy just shot it from about 3 feet out and it got me in the face. If it isn't on purpose, it's awfully suspicious, considering I was behind the net and it wasn't a clearing attempt.

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