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10-02-2004, 09:51 PM
Jacques Plante
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Your Favourite Broadcaster

This thread has probably been done a few times but I'm new here and I've taken it upon myself to keep this History board somewhat lively.

Now keep in mind the question is Favourite broadcaster, not neccesarily the best.

Tell us why he's your favourite. Perhaps he was the guy when you 1st began floowing hockey, or was he just your teams guy. Whatever the reasons share your stories here.

I guess mine would be Dino Sisto. He was the Montreal Canadiens play-by-play man from roughly 95 until this year, when he was mysteriously fired. He's probably the man I've heared call the most games in my life. (certaily in English). When I was younger living in Montreal, I would put my TV on mute and listen to his radio broadcast. His knowledge always impressed me. His delivery was good but not at a Danny Gallivan level. Still I grew up on him, so that's why he's my guy.

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