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05-26-2009, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Oysterhead View Post

See this article re: T4

I thought Angels & Demons was laughable, but I never read the book and I'm not the Tom Hanks fan everyone else is. If you saw either of the National Treasure movies, its basically the same thing, just a little more adult.

I actually heard Observe & Report is a good dark comedy and the reason is didn't get the best reception is because people thought it'd be something else. Sounds kind of like what happened to The Cable Guy. I'm interested to see it. Anna Faris annoys me though...

Movie critics are such a waste. Who the hell cares what these "experts" think. Guess what movies are ENTERTAINMENT, not grand pieces of human culture and art that will forever show the future people of their ancestors. I want to see **** explode, people die and not be bored to death. If it happens to be "ground breaking" and "fresh" so be it. But at this point every movie is a copy of another. There are only so many plot lines and character types. There has probably not been a "new" movie in about 40 years. Just new settings and props that make the movie seem so "epic"

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