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05-26-2009, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Didn't we already beat this horse to death in another thread??? Ok, I'll post this again for the new guys.

I do think that a deal between the Flyers and Thrashers will get done before FA begins July 1st. I think the Flyers will be getting and resigning Lehtonen and the Thrashers will be giving th reigns to Pavelec. I think Lehtonen will be looking at 5-5.5 mil per season and the only way for Philly to take on thiat kind of salary is for Atlanta to take back some salary in return. I doubt that Briere waives his NMC for a number of reasons but they're not what's important, Briere no leaving Philly IS. Now for the deal:

Personally, I think it's going to be Lupul + for Lehtonen. The + depends upon what Atl wants, what they need, and when the deal gets done. I think that if Philly gives up at top 6 winger in Lupul that they will be hard pressed to give up JVR, their best prospect to have a chance to replace Lupul in the top 6. I could see it being Sbisa but from what I've been lead to believe from the Thrashers fans they have solid young dmen who really just need time to grow. Kovi has basically said that he wants to stay in Atl but only if they are committed to trying to win and be a playoff team. For that reason, I believe that Atl will wants quality raoster players instead of picks. They seemed to show interest in Andres Nodl and it it's true that they could use an upgrade to their STARTING top 4 (they have quality guys for the future but need some help now) then I think Parent will be the other player. This makes the deal as follows:

To Philly - Lehtonen
To Atlanta - Joffrey Lupul, Ryan Parent, Andres Nodl

feel free tothrow in 3rd and 4th rnd picks as you feel necessary to even the deal out. I understand that Philly doesn't want to give up Parent, the center pieces of the Forsberg trade, but if they are looking at adding a defensive upgrade from the UFA market then they need to make room on the top 4 anyways. I don't know where they are going to get the cap space to bring in a UFA dman but it is what Homer said he's gonna do.

Now before Flyers fans start jumping all over me about over paying, I'm not saying that I think this is fair value, it just seems to me to be in alignment with with what each team has said they want/need.
i understand your thinking but if that is what it takes to get lehtonen then i would pass.

i would not pay him $5MM+ because he his just as inconsistent as biron and more injury prone...i would rather resign biron for $4.5MM-$5MM.

i would not trade assets like lupul and parent for kari when they would probably be the cornerstone for a much better trade...lupul, parent, + for jbo?

if you are paying kari $5.5MM you can probably sign jbo for $1MM-$1.5MM more.

if the flyers made a move for kari my reaction would not be "alright, we are a step closer to the cup" it would be more like, "ok, atleast we didn't get any worse" and from talking to many other flyers fans, they feel the same way.

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