Thread: CBC Hot Stove: Week of May 24
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05-26-2009, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Markstrom Rules View Post
Yeah, because there was so much support to keep those teams there . And anyway, the NHL just can't take the Tampa, Florida, Atlanta, and Dallas franchises and uproot them. LOL. Only the owners can decide if they want their franchises to relocate or not. And so far, they have not decided that, so they have every right to keep their franchises where they want. Phoenix is in a bit of a different situation, though, I'll admit.
If my own has to pay your owners bills then my owner SHOULD damned well be able to tell your owner where he can and cannot locate his team. Pay your own bills, get rid of profeit sharing (putting money in a pool and dividing it up amoung teams losing money). If you want to have total say about your franchise ten fine, pay your own bills.

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