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Originally Posted by ToTheNet View Post
These guys aren't forced to watch anything. They see what they want. Not every critic sees every movie ever made. They hit on the movies that they think are going to get the most at the box office. It is a job like anything else and the more people who read their "reviews" the better they look in their bosses eyes. Obviously the ones who get the most hits get first dibs at the movies. The critics themselves have no measurable criteria for the movies and similar movies reviewed by the same guy can be completely all over the place.

There is also a HUGE bias when it comes to these guys. Why the hell do i want someone who thought Slumdog was an A+ review Terminator? He obviously is going to go into it and hate it from the start. Action movies/horror flicks/comedies almost NEVER get reviewed well. It is always the artsy-fartsy stuff that no one ever sees (sans a few) that get the "best" ratings.
Actually, if a movie is good, it will get noticed. Action/horror/comedy generally don't get reviewed well because it's so hard to write original stories in those genres that are genuinely good. There are plenty of action and comedies that aren't "artsy-fartsy" that get reviewed well every year. There is no formulaic pattern to movie watching for fans who can appreciate all genres. If a movie is good, it's good. It doesn't matter what category it falls under. Your argument that T4 was great because things blow up and people die is a little less convincing than the 40 or so points that "biased critic" made in their blog...

A movie doesn't have to get reviewed well to be good (Dumb and Dumber for example) and I don't base my opinions on what critics have to say. I posted that article because I thought it was 100% on point, not because a critic wrote it. If you'd take the time to read it you would clearly see that the writer is a fan of action movies, referencing several other movies from the genre he likes, making your Slumdog comment even more irrelevant.

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