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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Occasionally he could take a game completely over, and we saw the skill that he displayed for so many years in Detroit. However, normally, he just mailed it in.

The first year he was here the Jackets were completely out of D-Men. So Feds ended up there. He played really well, but complained about it the entire time. When he was traded to Washington all he could talk about was how great it was to be in an open system again where he wasn't so restricted.

Basically though, the argument boils down to paying a player over 6 mil a year to score an average of 13 goals a season. Rick Nash and Sergei Fedorov played on the same team for 3 years, yet the argument continues to be made, that Rick Nash still hasn't played with a decent centerman for his entire career. That should tell you how Fedorov played in Columbus.
That's a little unfair. I don't ever remember him complaining about anything while in Columbus or after he left. Yes, he made the comments of "it's nice to be playing in an open system," but I'm sure he wouldn't be the only one to say that. Hitch is one of the most structured and most demanding coaches in the league. That's why he's so good. Some players, like Nash, Umberger, or Hejda can thrive under that type of leadership. Other guys just aren't built for it.

The only comments he made regarding playing defense was when he was asked if he'd permanently move to defense (to potentially prolong his career), he said basically thanks but no thanks. I don't think it's wrong for him to not want to permanently change positions after a long (and successful) career as a center. But he was never whining or complaining, in fact, he just shut up and helped the team however he could those last few months.

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