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05-26-2009, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Thanks for the tips seriously, I will be getting a tapered shaft at some point which may be a Harrow that my friend's pro shop sells. He has a steady assortment of blades and will make sure he orders what I ask him to for me. Maybe Harrow has pro stock stuff I can get.

I usually use a few things to decide what I buy. Availability, cost, durability and performance.

I really have been tempted to try out Warrior products from everything I have read in here I literally have not seen ANY complaints. The trouble I have is I have never seen any Warrior sticks in ANY stores here that I am aware of to even hold one in hand to feel one. No replacement blades either .... yep I'm in Maine and stuff takes longer to get here since we are in the northeastern most part of the US's shipping chain. Come to think of it I do not recall seeing another player around here using a Warrior stick.

I think the internet will be the thing for me as I hate driving to 4 stores to find ONE thing.
yea i dont see alot of new warrior stuff around me either. i see some used stuff, but nothing new really.

i love warrior. i really only use warrior and easton sticks. i have a dolomite ops and a two piece ak27, i use the ak more than the dolo. the dolomite is a pro stock and i really dont like teh pattern.

i also use an 85 easton z-bubble with a sakic s15 blade. the z-bubble is the s15 shaft, re-wrapped. awesome stick.

imo, easton and warrior make the best sticks, overall. n/b bauer is a close 3rd

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