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05-26-2009, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by grabo84 View Post

Support was never something the Jets lacked. It was just a rough economy, and a weak dollar that hurt them.
Originally Posted by mariolemieux66 View Post
Tens of thousands of people showed up at the "save the Jets day" in Winnipeg!
200 people showed up for the Coyotes!!!!

In Quebec the government did'nt want to get involved, but the league did'nt do anything like they did'nt for other USA market if i remebered correctly.
Yes, but the fans are not the ones who own the team. Everyone knew the Nords' and Jets owners were going to sell their teams to owners in different cities, and nobody in the community stepped up to buy those teams and keep them there. For 'hockey crazy' cities, there was no people with money that were interested enough in keeping them there. And I've not heard much in the way of anybody from those cities making a serious push to bring back the NHL. The owners of the Panthers, Bolts, Stars, and Thrashers have as of yet not put their teams on the block. They have decided they want to keep their teams right where they are, and that is why they are still there.

Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
If my own has to pay your owners bills then my owner SHOULD damned well be able to tell your owner where he can and cannot locate his team. Pay your own bills, get rid of profeit sharing (putting money in a pool and dividing it up amoung teams losing money). If you want to have total say about your franchise ten fine, pay your own bills.
Sorry, but that's not how the rules work. Every GM signed the same CBA. They knew there was going to be profit sharing. Get mad at your own owner, not ours.

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