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05-27-2009, 01:48 AM
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The commentary on the whole was nauseating, Kogan, Mezger and Schiavello kept talking over each other and interrupting, not to mention that half of what Schiavello says would be rejected by Mauro Ranello as being too cornball. I hope they get rid of that broadcast team for the next event.

Finally got caught up on the event myself. The Super Hulk thing was dumb but fun... I don't even know what the heck that was that Sapp tapped out to, I'm not even sure that Minowa was trying to submit him at that point or whether he was just transitioning to something else. I'd swear it was a worked fight, but I actually don't doubt that Sapp is capable of sucking that badly. Can't wait for Minowa/Choi next round

I actually would have given the Kid/Warren fight to Kid by a hair, I thought he landed a lot of really good shots standing up, more than Warren managed to do on the ground. Full credit to Warren for the win though, that guy has a hell of a chin. If he draws Fernandes next round he'll have to be careful though because he doesn't look all that submission-savvy yet.

Shame about the Jacare/Miller fight -- it's always seemed weird to me how squeamish the Japanese promotions are about fighters bleeding, given that the fights themselves tend to be more brutal with stomps and knees on the ground. That cut didn't seem to be interfering with Jacare's vision at all.

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