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05-27-2009, 08:48 AM
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To be honest, I have the same problem, however one thing I've noticed that will still work decently if you're not a dangler, is to change speed as you come in. Alot of guys in the nhl do it in the shootout. Come in and as you cross the blue line accelerate quickly but then slow down soon afterwards. Hopefully the defensemen will see you start to move quickly and pick up pace themselves, widening the gap. When you slow down right after, you widen the gap even more, allowing you to shoot or something.

Also, a guy I used to play against would let the puck go behind him a bit as if he was trying to pass to someone on the other side of the ice (this would be on your off-wing), then if the defender got a bit too far forward, he would toe drag it back to the front and drive to the net. I've been doing this and it's really easy to do, but hard to sell when you're closer to the net. It's really good when just crossing the blueline.

I have a video I got off youtube somewhere of children doing the move:

Other than that, I have no idea. I remember a thread kind of like this awhile ago and consensus was that faking inside then driving outside is a lot harder to defend against then faking outside then going inside.

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