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05-27-2009, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
Can someone please explain to me how the **** Devils are # 4 in GA in the league with 209 and won Atlantic division with d-men like Martin, Oduya, White, Salvador, Mottau, Green, Havelid, Salmela, and ****ing Clemmensen & Weeks in the net.

Flyers had Timonen, Coburn, Carle, Vaananen 46 games, Jones played 47 games, Alberts, Sbisa, Parent, Kukkonen not to mention Eminger (who was traded) and Biron and Frank in the net.

Is Martin better then Timonen? Or Oduya is better then Coburn? Ok, Devils have solid stay home in White and Salvador but are they that much better then Carle, Vaananen, Alberts or any other combination of d-men Homer got for our genius head coach Stevens.

Maybe Clemmensen is better then Biron? Is that it?

Don't you see system, coaching and zero tolerance for BS from Sutter and Robinson? No seriously, ignore forwards look at their d-men and goalies. Ignore 1st round exit. Canes got lucky there. 51 ****ing wins on the season. Top GA in the NHL, 2nd best in the East. How the **** was it done? Arenít you a little pissed off?

Drop two last games against Rangers and give Pens home ice? Is that coaching?

Explain it to me. I do not understand.
A lot of times the collective is better then the individual.

A lot of the Devils success defensively has a lot to do with the forwards almost always back-checking hard.

Paul Martin is under-rated and is a #1 D man in the NHL.

Oduya is under-rated and would be top 4 on almost any team.

The Devils defense isn't "sexy" and honestly probably isn't enough to take the team all the way. That said, solid group, missing a piece or 2.

Thanks for the compliments though

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