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05-27-2009, 09:44 AM
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Assuming this isn't a bodychecking league:

1) Outside-inside - Turn as if you're moving towards the boards and cut inside. You'll have to protect the puck going in as the D man should be in prime position for a pokecheck. I'm a left-handed LW so this involves me going one-handed on my backhand.

2) Inside-outside - Fake as if you're going to cut down the middle and then go around the perimeter. You'll need good balance for this once since you'll have to keep the puck close to the boards and use your inside leg to block the D-man's stick.

3) Stops and Starts - Skate in down the wing, slam the brakes, and take a quick glance. Find a pass outlet or start skating towards a hole in coverage. If you want to be annoying you can go along the boards and do three or four quick stop/starts in opposite directions. You may catch the D-man a good two steps behind you (giving you all the space you should need), and it's a great way to hold the puck while your teammates race into the zone. Smaller guys are great at this.

4) Dump and chase - There's nothing wrong with this... works great on D men who have poor transitions. Try to flick the puck along the boards in such a way that the puck is a few inches above the ice when it hits the boards while still not having enough energy to get too far away from you. If you have a winger coming down the other side just WIRE it with enough energy to get upto the hash marks @ the other side. Hope that your winger is smart enough to read this and skate towards the boards. When he does that you can skate behind the net, in front of the net, or in the high slot based on what the other forward does. If the winger doesn't help you out then the D-man should be able to pick up the puck and start a cycle.

FYI, these are just arbitrary names I've assigned to the different ways that I try to beat a D-man.

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