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10-04-2004, 02:11 PM
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Sunday's Monarchs vs. Portland Preseason Game

Portland beats Monarchs 5-4 in shootout ending

Cammalleri wore the C
Rullier and Clarke with As


James Fortier Lukajic
Brown Cammalleri Smyth
Clarke Lehoux Kanko
Flinn Steckel Sullivan

Defense Sets

Belanger Mangos
Grebeshkov Rullier
Korovkin Peterson


Brown Cammalleri Smyth
Lehoux Grebs

Kanko Fortier Clarke
Belanger Rullier

Cammalleri Clarke
Korovkin Peterson

Lehoux Kanko
Belanger Rullier

Cammalleri Brown
Rullier Belanger

Steckel saw time on both PP and PK after Fortier stopped playing in the second period. I assume Fortier was injured because he was playing well early. Steckel on the PP is like playing 4 on 4…

Portland’s 1st goal (PP) was a screen job I doubt Hauser ever saw it
Portland’s 2nd goal (PP) came after Belanger dove to break-up a pass and wiped Hauser out. Can’t make saves from the back of the net and your teammate tangled-up with you.
Portland’s 3rd goal (SH) Fussey broke in down the left side let a snapper go from the left circle that Hauser should have had all the way. Beat him far side high.
Portland’s 4th goal Hauser made the save, puck was just off of the right post. He had his right skate against the post and was down. Two Portland players basically pushed his leg and puck in the net while the Manchester D watched…

Hauser gave-up 4. One he definitely should have had, the rest he didn’t get any help from his d-men…

Manchester’s 1st goal (PP) Brown from Smyth and Grebs. Backdoor cycle, pretty goal
Manchester’s 2nd Lehoux from Brown and Smyth. Good work low by Brown hit Lehoux high slot left side he roofed it right side after a nice cut. (Smyth with the tack-on)
Manchester’s 3rd Kanko from Lehoux and Peterson. Kanko with a one hand shovel it at the net on the right side and it goes in…
Manchester’s 4th (Not listed as a PP) but it was a 6 on 4 as the Monarchs had pulled Fukufuji and Portland was down a player. Lehoux from Belanger and Kanko. Similar to his first goal except Lehoux got a sweet setup from Belanger…

AHL Score sheet:

Rullier left the ice after his fight in the second period with a cut over his right eye. A lot of blood but I don’t think he got hit. Clutching in front of Monarchs net each guy landed a couple introduction type punches, the both fell to the ice, in the net and Rullier came up bleeding….

The Smyth fight wasn’t a fight. Each guy had a fist full of jersey and they spun in circles no real punches landed by either. Once the players were good and dizzy, the Linesmen broke them apart…

I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen from “shooter” (Smyth) so far. He has ZERO business on the PK and I trust when the team is finalized, he won’t be on the PK…I haven’t seen any chemistry between him and the Cammalleri-Brown combo…

Our D was bad in the first period, better in the second, and did a decent job finishing with 5 in the 3rd…

Shootouts are really anti-climatic after a team fights back to tie with the goalie pulled…

Fukufuji has an incredibly quick glove and looked solid...

Connor James should earn at least a Reading Deal...

Lukajic has a weird skating style but he gets the job done and he hits...

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