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05-27-2009, 11:11 AM
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To go along with the excellent suggestions above, work on your peripheral vision so that you can anticipate contact sooner and thus be ready for it sooner. Doing some simple exercises and practice in this area will help you in all sports.

Several times a day try and conciously use your peripheral vision. For instance if you are watching a game on tv, without looking at the subject think about what the person out of the corner of your eye is doing. Gee, the dog is licking himself, my sister is going to pick up her cell phone etc. this might seem kind of goofy at 1st but if you do this a few times a day each day you will find that your awareness of what is going on around you outside of your central view will be more acute. You will notice the guy coming up beside you getting ready to paste you sooner, even though you are looking at the puck.

Visualization is also another great technique to practice. For a few minutes each night just think how you should be reacting to various scenarios and run through your mind how you want your stance to be and such. After a while your mind will translate this into subconcious action rather than concious action.

Both of those things, if practiced on a regular basis will make you better in every aspect of the game.

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