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05-27-2009, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Bizz06 View Post
1. "The Bertuzzi"
2. Blindside hit to the head, see Chris Niel on Drury prior to the Sabres/Senators brawl a couple years ago.
3. blatant knee-on-knee
4. Spearing
5. Sloo-foot

I'd add, running a guy from behind into the boards (particularly in a non-checking league), elbow to the head, really any kind of sucker punch (whether facing the guy or not), running the goaltender in his crease, any stick infraction to the groin (spear, slash, or hook), and stepping on or kicking somebody.

As a goalie, I also hate intentional snowshowers and post-whistle hacks and slashes. Heck, I'd be angrier at somebody nudging and bumping me in my goal crease than a slew foot. Had one game where I was scrambling to get back into my net after a battle for a loose puck in the slot and the opposing forward reached out and grabbed ahold of my goal stick with his hand which I was holding with my blocker. Delayed me enough to keep me from getting back to the crease in time to stop the puck (which had gone behind the net). Ref didn't call a penalty despite my protestation.

Probably a few others I missed here as well. Slewfoot kinda sucks, but it really isn't even in the top 10 or 15 for me.

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