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05-27-2009, 03:20 PM
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Knowing when to replace a helmet?

I ride a motorbike and, in the biking world, we say a helmet should be replaced after one heavy knock. (This even includes accidentally dropping the helmet.)

Is it the same for replacing hockey helmets?

Motorcyclists also advocate never buying a second-hand helmet. (I mean, how many hits has it taken that you don't know about?)

We even have guidelines on how to place a motorcycle helmet down; you don't rest it on the crown (upside down). It needs to sit face up.

I have found during falls that the side of a hockey helmet is not as protective as the rear of the helmet. Even though I don't play in a particularly rough or mean-spirited league, I have gotten temporary minor headaches from falls (luckily not too many!) where the side of my head has connected with the ice, more than the rear of the head.

So, exactly what are the guidelines (from players and/or manufacturers) on the right time to replace a helmet that may have outlived its lifespan?

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