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05-27-2009, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by topher42 View Post
Yeah, really.

Look again at the state of the other teams. No one is going to be giving offer sheets to anyone.

NO one.

The mistake you are making (same mistake a lot of people are making, but it is a MISTAKE) is believing that 2007/8 salaries will be given out in 2009/10. The situation for the next two years (but ONLY the next two) has changed drastically. What was a 4 million player in 2008 salary terms (say, Keith) is not a 4 million dollar player now or next year.

What might get poached by the few teams not in dire shape are UFAs. Why would you give up significant assets for RFAs when the UFAs are so desperate for places to play they will have no choice but to sign for cheap?

The RFAs all across the league will sign for fairly low dollar amounts, but also low durations, probably two years will be common.

So yeah. Read it again. There will not be a cap problem two offseasons from now. Period.

Want to know who is REALLY going to get farked? Teams who have a ton of RFAs/UFAs in 2013. All the short term deals (plus today's long term deals) will be coming off the books at once just as the cap shoots up like crazy again - probably blowing well past where it is today. No one knows which teams will get caught by this, but it will be a severe problem.

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