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10-04-2004, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by mr gib
didn't they even sit him out for fear of violence against him ?
There was a threat last year to do that but it didn't happen.Sid wants to play,
this kid is very passionate about hockey.The people around him were getting
very frustrated and Rimouski said that he might sit out some games.There is a
"small bit "of truth in la la and moosefan's comments with respect to this(they
are too biased though).Rimouski seems to be handling the situation poorly at
times but in fairness to them the League has really messed this up.Since Feb.
of last year there has been over 10 highlight videos on national sports of cheap hits Crosby has received.I've been to some games where there were terrible cheap
shots and they didn't make the highlights so I imagine there's alot more.So
Rimouski is showing some frustration and sometimes there actions look like they are
a bit kneejerk.What else I know about Rimouski they are a pretty classy organization especially at the Junior level.

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