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05-27-2009, 10:11 PM
Hal Incandenza
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Wow, I haven't seen a whole lot of people discussing your side, but I can certainly see why the contracts will be forced to drop a ton. Did they just get out of control the last year or two?

Considering the contracts already signed by Hawk RFA players, it seems like you're assuming we will go from offering basically free money, to driving a hard bargain. Since the team will want to stick together mostly and get a fair amount of the total cap, this will probably work, except I do wonder how Campbell will be perceived by the rest of the players. If they are all playing at the amounts you give (Keith just seems super cheap at the numbers you cite but I guess it'd be in line with Seabrook's extension), players would be compensated pretty much fairly with their roles, except for the #3ish D who is set for life making probably double what he'd be worth in that structure. He's basically taking a couple hundred thousand from each player!

Things will definitely get interesting. Look forward to discussing every possible scenario now that we're waiting for next season to start...I don't expect the cap to really go to 50mm though, while possible that would be a big swing and certainly will change things leaguewide.

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