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05-28-2009, 11:39 AM
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A buyout would be the worst possible course to take. Here is the thing with Redden and his contract. He is due to make 8 mill in actual dollars next season. He isn't going to be bought out and he isn't going to be buried in the minors (at least not this year). The only way I see Sather correcting his mistake this season is if Redden is traded in a package that includes 1-2 of our good young players. Like in the Toronto rumor.

In my opinion making a trade where you are giving up good young players with high potential just to rid yourself of a contract is just as bad going the buyout route. I think the best option for us now is to hold onto Redden this season and analyze our options next year. It isn't like Redden's value can get any worse than it is now, he currently has negative value as a trade piece. He just had the worst season of his career from a production standpoint. Can it really get worse? Plus after this next season where Redden is making 8 mill he will be making an average of 5.75 mill a year in actual dollars for the final 4 years of his deal. I know that doesn't mean anything for his cap hit which stays at 6.5 but for a team struggling financial and looking to get to the cap floor Redden may have some minimal appeal to them. Especially the last two years of the deal where he is making 5 mill in actual dollars but has a cap hit of 6.5.

In summary, the only way we move redden this year is if we package him with a 1st round pick or good young players. I think that would be a terrible mistake. Buying him out would be even a bigger mistake.

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