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Originally Posted by HURAKAN View Post
You have the same problem as a lot of people. You are weak stopping on your left foot. Need to work on that.

Your shot could definitely be better as well, from what I see. A more fluid movement and coming over the puck would benefit you well.
Well thanks for the opinion about that stuff.

I'm not sure what you mean by a more fluid movement and coming over the puck. The first snap shot thing I did? That wasn't anything really, I was more worried about the small space I had than anything else. Just off the ice on the right are trees and bushes etc. I wasn't setting out to make a highlight video. I was testing the camera in the cold as I had battery issues with it in the cold. It failed ... it was the only shot I got and therechargeable battery died killing any hopes of getting a good video as the cold kills them.

It's a video shot from a chair on a backyard rink. There wasn't any room to skate where I was and it isn't a "best take". It is the ONLY video I have of me really doing anything at all. It was shot on avi with a handheld digital camera that shoots 30 seconds at a time. It was like place it on a chair and go do something and then see later what it looked like after having it on the computer.

I just stopped and shot the puck which to me looks fine. I'm really not sure what you saw with my shot there, there isn't anything wrong with my shot. I'm constantly complimented and by guys who play in college or were/are semi-pro players who wish they could shoot like I can. I break plexiglas with my slapshot etc.

You'll have to take my word for it ... I'm not insulted because I know better. Just trust me on it how's that. Maybe I'll get some game footgae from one of our games if anyone has any. I don't own a video camera, I have an old VHS shoulder cam that is analog and have no way to transfer it to a PC.

I'm weak stopping on my left foot because I almost lost a leg when I was 11 years old from a serious infection and there isn't much of my knee left. Thankfully I've NEVER hurt it playing hockey, I was scheduled for surgery to have it amputated and their treatment started to work thankfully. This was in the 1970s which by today's standards were not as good medically. I can't run very well either. I am also weak doing legovers to the right which you cannot see in the video since I didn't do any in it.

You live with what you have, if I were a pro I wouldn't be here discussing this with you guys that's for sure lolz. I can take criticism about my game EXCEPT my shooting because I know it is great. It is probably the only thing about my game that is top notch.

My friends have wondered if I shoot slapshots around the 100+ mark and they think I must.

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