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Originally Posted by HURAKAN View Post
If you do it with a dolomite blade, it will bubble up a bit from the heat, but it's as strong now (to my knowledge) as it was the day I got it. I gave it quite a beating last night and it is still great. Obviously it's going to be easy to **** it up, but if you do it gradually, you should be fine.
That's my thinking right there, gradually. I just want to angle it at the heel further back (the PM9 I was talking about) and add some curve in the mid portion where it is straight now so that should be easy enough once warm enough.

I learned pretty quickly with the composite shaft after using aluminum shafts since the early 90s that you could burn into oblivion that a torch was taboo and not good to do on a composite shaft. Bubbles the graphics and ruins the material or something like that. I haven't done it, I just read not to. I did get the graphics bubbling too close to an electric stove burner.

I have been using an electric heat gun made for paint stripping. I think it can get hot enough to reshape a blade gradually like you mentioned.

I wonder if shaving the bottom would work on blades that are not my lie I like to make them my lie. Does this carbon fiber stuff shave easily or would I be wasting my time? Maybe on a bench grinder or would that just cause the fibrous stuff to frizz out like fiberglas does??

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