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10-04-2004, 11:30 PM
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not sure what Ranger team you fellas have been watching the last few years but Ranger Managements way of allocating time on the ice had been based on years of service in the league, NOT based on performance. What young player at any time over the last 10 years has been given a fair shot to succeed on the Rangers.
Lundmark is one. Heck he might even be the only one, but if there is one kid who can't use that line as an excuse it is him. The kid {whether we like the vets or not} HAS to earn his way in the NHL. The problem is that if you're going to stand around like Jamie has on too many occassions, you better bring something huge to the table.

Now the argument isn't whether vets were playing like crap, the argument is whether Lundmark has shown consistency and a continuing effort. He hasn't.

When Lundmark dominated the pre-season a couple of years ago he opened the year pinned to the bench. How is a young player supposed to improve his game on the bench? Before you go criticizing how a young player performs look at the past failure of this organization.
But the problem is that he wasn't treated the same way. He was given a shot to show some stuff on different lines and he showed flashes his rookie year. Last year he didn't light it up in the preseason and was given more than a fair chance to earn a better spot on this team. If a guy like Jed Ortmeyer can do it, there is NO excuse for Jamie.

It is almost impossible to draft as many players in the past 10 years and not have one or two make an impact. The Rangers have had NONE. Now all your experts are all gaga over the shiny new #1 picks and are willing to throw a guy who DOES have TALENT and is STILL young away.
Who said anything about throwing him away? I've kept seeing the same response "it's up to Jamie". That much is true, Jamie will decide Jamie's future.

You have to fix the SOURCE (Ranger Management) of the problem not the RESULT (Lundmark). Lundmarks year in the AHL was about the same points wise as Balej's this past year.
Yeah but our future top two line center needed to be moved to the wing in order to accomplish that. And Lundmark arrived with much higher expectations than Balej and Balej brings one very good angle to his game which can make a difference. Lundmark hasn't shown that one angle yet. He's not consistent as an offensive threat, he's not gonna be a checking forward and he's not gonna be a faceoff specialist. So what exactly is his niche?

Yeah, I know Balej played less games but everyone now annoints Balej the can't miss kid. You can also argue that Lundmark played with players of much less talent. Who from Lundmarks AHL team has made an impact with the Rangers? NO ONE. Balej played mostly with Montreal's team and then a superior Hartford team after the trades. There will be alot more bonafide NHL players from Montreal's AHL team and this most recent Hartford team than Lundmark's AHL team.
Balej also showed something else Lundmark failed to on far too many occassions.....effort. It's not just a numbers game, it's not just about scoring points or make a fancy deke. It is about looking like you want to make something of yourself.

Lundmark looked lost even down last spring for the playoffs. And yes Balej played on a better team, but he also played on a more defensive team than Lundmark. It's a two way street on that issue.

But therein is the problem. There is always some "reason" Lundmark hasn't lived up to his potential. I mean straight back down to Juniors. At what point does the buck stop with him?

Now everyone looks at the time after the trades as Lundmark blowing his chance and dogging it. He had a major knee injurythis past year. Every player heals differently, I say this as I know people are going to throw Tytuin at me. We've had this argument 100 times already. If people are so convinced that Lundmark is a bust then why worry about where he is playing. Just be happy he is gone.
The problem is that Lundmark {even years before his injury} seems to have a hard time keeping his efforts up when he feels "he has made it". He did it in juniors, he did it in the AHL and he's done at the NHL. The reason why people care is because if he ever "gets it" he might just turn himself into a piece of this teams future. THAT beyond anything else is what people want.

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